Lesson Young Muslims Can Learn Via Online Quran Classes


Young Muslims are facing a huge uphill battle in the world today. They are part of the infamous generation Y and Generation Z population born in the digital era and outspoken to a fault. They will tell you the way it is without a care in the world. This boldness and bluntness are even more pronounced with Muslims living in the western world. They challenge everything in Islam, its laws and have a billion whys, quite frankly, many scholars have been unable to answer.

But do you blame them? They live among a culture that is expressive and urges young people to do that. It is a culture that is parallel to the teachings of Islam as they try to fit in, yet nobody is willing to listen.


The Quran is a book that allows you to grow; it does not restrict you or tires you down. Most Muslim youths do not read the Quran to know what Allah SWT has to say about an act. Just so you know the Quran talks about relationships (this is where many are confused). It is in the Quran. Whether it is a relationship with the opposite gender, in business, with siblings, parents, guardians, it is there; you only have to know where to read.


Well, if that is confusing too, welcome to online Quran classes at www.learnquran.online. We are your one and only Quran classes to teach you and answer all your questions Islamically. So if you live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia, we have a spot for that busy mind of yours. Join us today and learn more about the Quran than what you thought you knew.


Your troubles have a solution in the Quran.

Persecution and struggles have always been in the path of Muslims for 1,400 years. It has not changed. In fact, as the world evolves, so did the problems that plague Muslims, but there is a solution? Yes, the Quran and only through online classes will you find them. The Quran has stories of young Muslims who struggled and were hated for their belief like Ibrahim, but Allah saved them and empowered them against their burdens.

The Prophet Muhammad should also be a guide. He did not know how to read or write and was not interested in the torture that the angel was subjecting him to, but overcame and led Islam to a place beyond Mecca and Medinah.

Are you a girl with problems? Look at the story of Maryam AS; she was insulted by all but has a chapter dedicated to her in the Quran. Are these not lessons that are happening in our time now? You are tired and want to flee from home, seek the Quran. You are a young man trying to fit in, seek the Quran; there is a Quran class to teach you. Do not suffer in silence. Islam is a bold religion. Join the online Quran classes at www.learnquran.online, and find out how Allah helped people just like you.


There is a Du’a for every fright.

In Quran 50:16, it says, Allah is closer to you than your jugular veins. That is the largest veins in the upper part of the human body. Their function cannot be unstated, but Allah SWT says he is closer than those veins. So what are you afraid of? Why are you running and having sleepless nights?

Join the online Quran classes today and learn a du’a for every dark or happy day. Are you a Muslim and want to know more than Alhamdulillah or the Istigfar? We have an online Quran class for du’as that will strengthen your faith and give you confidence. In fact, Allah listens to a sincere plea that can grant you instant relief from any plague.


Do not push today for tomorrow.

Procrastination is the biggest problem youths suffer from today. The thought that – I still have time- is the killer of time. Time is a gift from God to be used wisely, and you only have the present, you do not know what the next second hold. That is for Allah alone. However, how will you fill if you die today and are lonely in the grave or the Quran cannot bear witness of your good deed on the Day of Judgment? It would be devastating, so why are you postponing that online Quran class again. What is stopping you from registering now? Why tomorrow?

Online Quran classes bring you closer to your creator, and each verse you recite is rewarded in more way than you can imagine. Even better is that when you die, the verses you read will keep you company in your grave until the Day of Judgment and bear you witness of your good deeds.

Do not miss the opportunity to be among the inhabitants of Paradise. Join us at www.learnquran.online now.


Honor your family

We had to add this here. Many Muslims living in westernized societies do not understand the importance of family and have utter disregard because they want to be independent. Family is your lifeline, and how you treat your father and mother will be placed before you on the Day of Judgment. There are better ways to air your grievances as a child, and it does not include disrespect or leaving home. If you are complaining about your small family of 4, think about the family of Noah AS, a large extended family, and he had 10 brothers. Can you imagine the constant bickering in that household, but they stayed together. Even if a family member is straying, your duty as a Muslim is to pray for them that God will lead them right. It is your responsibility as a Muslim to watch out for one another.

If patience, tolerance, kindness, and manner of approach are your problem, take up our online Quran classes today and see what the Quran has to say about your actions.